Dividing Up the Costs
From: BPaiss (BPaissaol.com)
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 12:06 CST

Greetings from Colorado.  I have been involved with both the Nyland and
Highline Crossing communities and would like to share how the monthly fees
were divided in these  groups.

The basic criteria that both of these groups wanted to follow was fairness.
 Because of this, the formulas which were created are necessarily complex.

Some formulas are divided by finished square footage, others by number of
people in the home, others by exterior square footage, and still others by
fornt footage on the pedistrain path.  

The basic point is that bigger homes will cost more to fix when necessary,
additional people in a home will use the common facilities more so the
monthly fees should reflect this.

I realize this is very sketchy and I wanted to give you the basic rationale
and see if you have additional questions.  Send me a note back if you want
more detail.

Good Luck,

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