Kids Room
From: BPaiss (
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 12:10 CST
Greetings from Boulder, Colorado.  Sounds like you are moving right along!
 Our kids room at Nyland is used as a daycare facility several mornings a
week and as an after dinner play room.  

I agree with one response I read on the net, most cooks do not want little
kids around when cooking.  There is a big difference between a room used for
daycare and an after dinner romp room where the kids can play totally
unsupervised. The first question is "How will this space be used?" 

The important relationship is if unsupervised, the parents are going to want
the kids within shouting distance in case of problems while not necessarily
within visual contact.

Katie McCamant says that the kitchen, dining and kids romp room should all be
on the same level.  This obviously effects the footprint of the building
while eliminating a lot of relationship problems.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to send me another note to my e-mail.

Take Care,

Bill Paiss
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