energy efficiency
From: Ellen Franconi (
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 12:27 CST
I am interested in cohousing and also work in the field of building
energy efficiency. I've offered to write an article on energy
efficiency opportunities in cohousing developments for
the Cohousing Journal. I can draw from a lot of resources at work
but am not sure what would be most interesting. Does anyone have
any particular topics they would like to know more about? Would
a general overview be more useful? 

Right now I am considering writing about choices related to energy 
efficiency and at what stage in the development process they need 
to be made. But I could also write about specific technologies and 
give resources for finding out more about them, ie selecting windows,
energy efficient lighting, appliances, choices for wall construction,
passive solar strategies, design and climate, design tools, etc.  
Comments on these ideas and any suggestions for pertinent energy 
efficiency topics are appreciated. 

Ellen Franconi
Energy Analysis Program
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

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