Re: energy efficiency
From: HeyHoskin (
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 21:09 CST
Ellen ,  Hurrah!!

Thank you so much for the offer, this is  a subject of great interest to my
group, Broward Commons (Ft Lauderdale FL- looking for members).  I think a
general overview and discussion would be a great asset to the List.  One
topic that has intrigued me is the difference between energy efficiency
(design, appliances, construction, etc.) as it relates to the common house
(Common House?) vs. individual units.

I am currently involved with Real Goods as a demonstration home and hope to
incoporate many of the elements of my current home into our CoHousing
developement.  I look forward to participating in the thread that I am sure
will follow your offer.

Chris Hoskin

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