Re: Heating issues (tech info on Energy Crafted Home spec)
From: Nancy E Wight (
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 21:02 CST
Steven asked:
> Nancy: Are the energy specs specific to your area of the country?  If 
> not, what's the source for the specs, assuming they have a different set
> for the Southeast?  Thanks, Stephen at Blue Heron Farm.
Yes, these are specs particular to Massachussets.  I think the state along 
with the electric companies came up with these guidelines for people to 
build houses that would enable them to reduce their energy consumption by 
50% for this area. The banks recognize these specs and will lend people 
more money for their house because they know the utility bills will be much 
lower. I don't know of any such thing anywhere else.

- Nancy

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New View Neighborhood Development             Acton, MA

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