Re: EcoHousing (FWD)
From: Jeffrey O. Hobson (
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 19:50 CST
>I work at the Pacific Gas &
>Electric Energy Center.  One of us at the center, me included, would
>be happy to avail ourselves and the Center for your project team's
>exploration of energy efficiency.  We can offer a design review by
>qualified architects and lighting experts, use of center equipment
>including heliodon, light meters, glazing samples, and not to mention
>a general tour of the Center which helps to raise everyone's general
>knowledge level of energy efficiency issues.

To whom does the Pacific Energy Center offer these services and how much do
they cost? (I've heard blasphemous rumors that PG&E  actually offers them
for free - what is the PEC's status with '95 budgets and the DSM
budget-slashing going on?)

Jeffrey Hobson
johobson [at]
N Street Cohousing, 643 Lessley Place, Davis CA 95616  916-756-8697 
Davis Energy Group, 123 C Street, Davis CA 95616  916-753-1100, 753-4125(fax)

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