Re: EcoHousing (FWD)
From: Charles Ehrlich (
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 22:59 CST
>>Charles Ehrlich said:
>>I work at the Pacific Gas & 
>>Electric Energy Center.  One of us at the center, me included, would
>>be happy to avail ourselves and the Center for your project team's
>>exploration of energy efficiency.  We can offer a design review by
>>qualified architects and lighting experts, use of center equipment
>>including heliodon, light meters, glazing samples, and not to mention
>>a general tour of the Center which helps to raise everyone's general
>>knowledge level of energy efficiency issues.
>To whom does the Pacific Energy Center offer these services and how much do
>they cost? (I've heard blasphemous rumors that PG&E  actually offers them
>for free - what is the PEC's status with '95 budgets and the DSM
>budget-slashing going on?)
>Jeffrey Hobson

Yes, the services are free.  They are offered to people seriously
interested in implementing energy efficiency.  The PEC prefers to work
with the entire design team.  Of course, the building has to be within
PG&E Service territory.  The PEC focuses on Commercial, Industrial and
large residential projects.  A CoHousing group is not exactly large, 
but would probably qualify. :-)

We currently have to mechanism for offering services (for a fee or not)
to design teams of buildings outside the PG&E Service Territory. :-(
I suppose if there was a group with serious interest, we could find a
way, but don't expect it to happen quickly.

The PEC staff just got cut last week from 16 to 10.  So yes, we too 
are not immune from the DSM budget slashing.  I was half-sized--now
20 hours per week. :-{  Luckily I've got outside work to keep me busy.

-Chas  (speaking for himself)

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