RE: community food store/commissary
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 94 19:46 CST
Rob mentions that Sharingwood has a food-buying club rather than a store.

I should have mentioned that N St  has a food-buying club *as well* as 
our bulk food in the common house.  Some folks love it.  We (my wife and I) 
went a couple of times and found it didn't work for us - we either had to 
store tons of stuff, or get something different than what we really wanted 
in order to be able to split it with other people.  It's also a nuisance 
going to yet another meeting each month.  I think there's a strong argument 
to be made for communalizing the storage of bulk goods rather than each 
household having to find space for their sack of rice (or whatever).  But 
it depends on personal preference a lot.  Some people love having a garage 
full of canned tomatoes etc.


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