Off topic and questionably appropriate posts
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 94 23:32 CST
Re: the recent messages on the 'Good Times' virus etc...
(Debbie, you're forgiven.  Lots of folks were taken in by this one,
National Public Radio had a segment about it (and it's being a hoax))

While I certainly urge care in deciding what to post on Cohousing-L;
let's not get excessively concerned.  I remind you that if you have doubt
about whether to post something, you are welcome to consult me. 
If Stuart and biow (you still don't have the name field of your mailer 
set...) consulted me before responding to the virus message we could have 
had one quote of the CIAC response in stead of two...

I consider this enough said over the list on this topic.  If you wish to 
pursue it further, please do so by personal email to me etc.

BTW, I suspect the listserver will be up thru the holidays, Jon is
going to be around awaiting the birth of his third child.  Besides 
this is not the best time to travel in MN.  Season's greetings :)


Minnesota. We like it cold; it keeps the riff raff out :)

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