Hello from Doyle Street
From: Joaniblank (Joaniblankaol.com)
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 94 02:27 CST
Hi, everyone,

I just joined the mailing list today so this is my virgin letter to you. I
think I am the only resident of Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, CA
(unless Katie and Chuck are on the list at the CoHousing Company). I was not
a member of the core group that put this community together, but I have lived
here ever since the spring of 1992 when we all moved in. (except for the the
last two units which took a very long time to sell.

Anyhow, I am the "contact person" for Doyle St. and I would happy to answer
any queries about our community. You can also contact me directly if you have
question for my eyes only or if you are planning to be in the Bay Area and
wish to arrange a visit here. 
My email address is joaniblank@aol com and my phone # is 510-655-7399.

I have two announcements for everyone. 

One is that we have a two bedroom unit for sale right now. For those of you
who haven't read the chapter about us in the "new" cohousing book (it starts
on p. 217), we are a small, urban community. We have 12 units all in one
L-shaped building, a renovated industrial building. Our architect and
designer were none other than the infamous Charles Durrett and Kathryn
McCamant, AKA Chuck and Katie. With one unit empty we have 18 adults and five
children (one teen and four little ones) living here.
By the by,  Emeryville is right at the East end of the Bay Bridge, nestled
between Berkeley and Oakland.

Interested parties should contact Nome or Janis Baker at 510-769-9876. They
do not have net access so I am posting this for them. If you prefer to
contact me by email about this unit, I will be pleased to pass the message on
to them.

Is there someone out there--perhaps someone in a group whose project has a
way to go before being livable in--who might be interested in living here at
Doyle Street as my housemate of mine for a year or two  (or less--minimum
three months).  Male or female, gay, straight or bi all okay, preferably over
40, and please be okay with my working at home which I do fulltime. Let's
talk by email or phone  (510-655-7399). 

Joani Blank  

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