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From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 94 09:44 CST
On Fri, 9 Dec 94 02:27 CST, 
Joaniblank [at]  <Joaniblank [at]> wrote:

>Hi, everyone,
I just joined the mailing list today so this is my virgin letter to you. I
Interesting choice of words :)    

(I'm sure you know but just in case that :) indicates an attempt at humor! )

>(unless Katie and Chuck are on the list at the CoHousing Company). I was not

They are not one the list tho they are becoming more aware of the list.
Stuart from N Street talked to them about in Colorado. And the Cohousing 
Company has had request from people for info about the mailing list.

I see you set digest mode.  Good choice.  I've thought about doing it but 
so far I figure I need to monitor the list a bit closer.  On the other hand 
I dont read all the messages by any means these days.  At least not while 
they are current.  THere's even a thread (on "afordability" that I started 
that I've had trouble staying up with.  Cohousers like to write and discuss!

>I have two announcements for everyone. 
>One is that we have a two bedroom unit for sale right now. For those of you
>who haven't read the chapter about us in the "new" cohousing book (it starts
>on p. 217), we are a small, urban community. We have 12 units all in one
I'd encourage you to post some indication of size, features and price in a 
seperate message with a subject like "House available in Doyle St Cohousing"

Remember the Subject line gets much more exposure than the third paragraph.
Interesting choice of words :)    

(Am I trying too hard? )

>Interested parties should contact Nome or Janis Baker at 510-769-9876. They
>do not have net access so I am posting this for them. If you prefer to
>contact me by email about this unit, I will be pleased to pass the message on
>to them.
Providing easy follow up to interested people is very helpful; got a more 
detailed info file available and ready to send out?

>Is there someone out there--perhaps someone in a group whose project has a
>way to go before being livable in--who might be interested in living here at
>Doyle Street as my housemate of mine for a year or two  (or less--minimum
>three months).  Male or female, gay, straight or bi all okay, preferably over
>40, and please be okay with my working at home which I do fulltime. Let's
>talk by email or phone  (510-655-7399). 

This is what I'm really replying to.  I'd have to make up bunch of things 
to do in the bay area but this sounds like an opportunity that I'd 
very much enjoy - probably for the minimum 3 months.  You see there
are a lot of involvements here that I would be disrupting...  Chief among 
them of course are Becca and Andrew.  I would have to have good 
Internet access for the duration and could do my Cohousing-L duties from 
there.  And I might even get Becca and Andrew into using Internet to keep 
in touch.

If I were estimating the chance of actually doing it I'd have to say
1 in 3 or 4.  You may have lots of offers which would save me the decision.
What do you figure costs would be?  


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