Re: "Gawkers" at cohousing communities
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 95 13:07 CST

On Thu, 5 Jan 1995, David Hungerford wrote:

> >>In the handout materials for the Puget Sound Cohousing Network I list
> >>etiquette for visiting.  Maybe this should be spread wider via the
> >>journal.
> I just don't see why people have to be taught to be polite; i have a
> sneaking suspicion that the people who would need to read the "etiquette"
> would not be the ones reading the journal.

I certainly understand your exasperation with the "gawkers", and was 
surprised that no one before you mentioned the issue of children's 
safety.  I think, though, that those of us who are working on Cohousing 
projects but don't live in one yet may not have thought about issues such 
as this one.  Having the "etiquette" printed in the journal would not 
only clue in novices reading the journal for the first time, but help 
those of us who will need a similar etiquette figure out what and how to 
write our own.

Susan Pintus, Cornerstone, Arlington, MA

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