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From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 95 15:46 CST
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Hello Coho's everywhere,

I am presently setting up a local on-line conference on cohousing via
TVO (TV Ontario) in Toronto. We have made your list public to our
members and soon will have a discusison group going. I will be the
moderator. I am a graduate Architect with a passion for sustainability
in all facets of life. I have helped build one straw bale building and
have a client for another. I first read about co-housing a few years
ago in the most conservative paper in town (Globe & Mail - if anyone
wants the exact date email me) and have met with one local group so

This conference is meant to be another communications arm of The
Collaborative Housing Society. This Society runs The CoHousing
Network/Ontario which, through its Board, Advisors and Memebers,
offers services from facilitation to education and helps cohousing
groups to move their dream to reality. The Collaborative Housing
Society is a volunteer, non-profit organization which supports and
promotes cohousing in Canada. We collect, generate and share
information to help individuals and groups understand the  process of
cohousing as it evolves. We present the concept of co-housing to
business and government to ensure  the acceptance of cohousing as an
alternative to developer-driven housing. The point-man for all this
activity and someone who has more energy than Ontario Hydro produces
in a year is Russell Mawby. Russell sends his greetings to all of the
faithful reading this.

Happy New Year to all.

Tom Ponessa

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