Re: Consensus and inclusion
From: Mike Adams (
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 15:58 CST
In response to the message on consensus from Rob

We have scheduled a workshop on consensus at Muir Commons.  This is
in response to questions raised by new members, and concerns about 
how certain decisions have been made in the past few months.  I will try to 
have a summary of what comes out of this workshop posted here.  Right
now the emphasis is on giving everyone adequate notice, and the chance 
to participate, but we do not "poll" everybody.  We do have quorum 
requirements, which eliminates the problem of the five making the decision.
The quorum came as a result of our condomium status (I believe).
I also feel that anyone could re-open a decision on the basis of inadequate
notification (although not without some annoyance if others felt that this
was the individual's own fault).  As a relatively new member (1.25 years, versus
MC 3.25 years of being inhabited, and a couple more years of planning) I
am a little shaky on some of the history, so if anyone is particularly
in any specific detail I will have to do a bit of research.

Miek Adams, Muir Commons, Davis CA

>There is an interesting process issue developing within my community 
>which I would like to pass around to those of you doing consensus 
>decision making.  At Sharingwood we have always operated by the idea 
>that if you do not attend a meeting where a decision is made, unless 
>you give your voice to another member, you give up your opportunity to 
>be a part of the decision.
>Consensus on the other hand is where the full acceptance of a decision 
>of every member is required and needed in order to move on the 
>[snip, snip, snip]
>If we move ahead without the full participation of EVERYONE, in the 
>name of efficiency, is it consensus or is it a majority vote disguised 
>as consensus?  What if someone is pissed off about the issue and 
>doesn't attend the meeting because they are feeling pissed off and 
>disfranchised?  Is it still consensus?  Yikes, look at all those worms 
>squirming in the can!
>As always, your thoughts and advise on this would be appreciated.
>Rob Sandelin
             Mike Adams  mmadams [at]

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