Re: "Gawkers" at cohousing communities (FWD)
From: 227-3182 (
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 95 08:42 CST
I've been reading the exchanges regarding the gawkers at various communities
and I find it very interesting that no-one (I might have missed some early
ones) has mentioned anything about posting privacy signs around the areas.

If a community feels strong enough regarding this issue I would think that
they would welcome posting their feelings and minimize the intrusions on 

My wife and I are currently considering joining a co-housing group and the
issues raised by this conference are certainly interesting.  This particular
one seems like a very hot button.  I would think that a co-op building in
New York City or a condominium complex which normally have signs posted would
serve as an example of defining the limits of privacy.

Comments on signs??


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