Re: Call for vision statements
From: RLob4Grell (
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 95 18:59 CST
Tom Whitmore wrote:

>I'd love to get examples of vision statements
>that various people have...

Below is the "Mission Statement" for our group:

The mission of the Grell CoHousing Group is to develop and participate in a
residential community 
based of CoHousing principals, which include:

* self-determination through consensus
* shared space and facilities
* private homes
* concern for the environment and 
* financial and social responsibility

We welcome diversity in age, religion, affectional preference, political
persuasion and financial 
status. We make a conscious choice to interact as individuals and as a
community in a way that 
affirms our interdependence.

We support the concept of individual growth and embrace the need of rebirth
of the extended 
family. Ways we support these values include providing space for private and
group activities, 
having regular meetings and shared meals, and providing for those with
special needs, such as 
children and the differently-abled.

Rich Lobdill
Grell CoHousing Group
Oceano / San Luis Obispo, CA

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