Permission to use the Writing of Rob Sandelin
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 12:35 CST
Kevin is about the tenth or so person to ask permission to use 
something I wrote about on this forum.  So let me state for everyone 
who ever reads this post:

You have my permission at any time, to use anything you see my name as 
author of, in any form, as long as it is freely shared without direct 
personal profit.  It is not ok for anyone to sell my writings without 
my permission.  If my writings appear in magazines or books as quotes, 
I would appreciate that I get a (1) copy of the publication.

So for examples, Yes Kevin you may use my writings in your consensus 
class.  And yes if you are donating an article about cohousing or 
communities you may use my writings, but is you are writing an article 
for money and using my writings, I want to be asked for permission.

I write quite a lot (too much says my wife) about community and 
cohousing and I give it all away.  The Cohousing Resource Guide is an 
example of that.  It is the way I contribute to the betterment of society.

Rob Sandelin
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