A Great Book
From: Catherine Kehl (tyliku.washington.edu)
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 12:44 CST
Probably a bunch of you have already run into this little gem, but I just 
found a book entitled _Skills for Simple Living_.  It's a compilation of 
short articles/hints/whatever from "The Smallholder".  It's aimed at the 
homesteading bunch (somehow that bunch just seems wrong...) but much of 
the information is widely applicable.

Everything in it from ecologically friendly gardening tips to how to 
build a good sturdy stone wall, how to build a potter's wheel from auto 
parts, recipes, how to make all kinds of tools....  it goes on and on.  
(I bought it because I hadn't come anywhere near reading all the 
interesting parts in the bookstore, and the store was closing...)

Great fun -- not sure how your community would feel about having someone 
build a smithing set-up behind their house, but it's just too cool to miss.


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