Re: Cohousing Privacy vs. Openness
From: Mike Adams (
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 15:19 CST
Among other things Don wrote
>Having said that I have reservations about getting too protective of
>our site property.  I wouldn't want to give the impression to our
>neighbors and the general populous outside our cohousing community that
>we think of ourselves as an exclusive society separate from them.
>Acacia Lane Cohousing
>Santa Rosa, Ca
We have had potlucks with our neighbors who share the street to the north of
Muir Commons.  I must say it wasn't a pressing issue for me, but my next
door neighbor organized it, and I was pleased to meet these neighbors when
the time came.  My point is, positive actions that bring you together with
your neighbors are going to be much more important than the look of the
place (at least I think so).

Mike Adams, Muir Commons, Davis CA
             Mike Adams  mmadams [at]

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