Re: A facilitators checklist
From: Kevin Wolf (
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 95 03:11 CST

My number one item to add to the facilitator's checklist is 

Have a clear understanding of the meetings priority objectives.  Each 
key objective should begin with a word that allows the success of the 
item to be measured.  For example, words like decide, determine, 
prioritize, clarify, announce, approve, etc are examples of  "measurable" 
words that should proceed meeting objective statements.

Words like discuss, debate, report, or just lists of questions are hard 
to measure and most often aren't what the issue is really about nor do 
they help the group much.  

A facilitator should work with the committees and agenda item proponents 
to clarify what they want to occur from the item on the agenda.  Often, 
in tight agendas, items without  clarity of purpose should be put at  a 
lower priority than those items with a clear objective. 

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