Re: A facilitators checklist
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 95 11:05 CST
Some possible additional items for Rob's facilitator' checklist, from New View 

Way before the meeting:
Make sure someone has the key to the place where you will be having the 
meeting, and that they know they need to be there. (It only takes one mess up 
on this one to add it to the list)

Right before the meeting:
Make sure that the agenda is written down so everyone can see it, with time 
limis for each item.
Make sure the chairs & lights, etc. are set up appropriately

At the beginning of the meeting:
Start the meeting on time, even though not everyone is there.

Review the agenda with the group: Say 1 or two sentences about each item, 
including the desired process outcome. Make sure there is someone there who is 
willing to take charge of the content of each item. Make sure the group is 
comfortable enough with the ordering & time limits set to each agenda item.

Find people to fill these roles:
Time keeper
Minutes taker
For meetings where people are expected to be late: a doorkeper, to bring 
latecomers up to date without disrupting the meeting.
For meetings with guests: 1 or more designated people to answer questions for 
guests during the break:
Facilitator for next meeting (re-announce where & when the next meeting is at 
this time).

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