Recommended Reading for Cohousing-Friendly Folks
From: John M. Gear (
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 18:43 CST
I'm so impressed with the latest (January/February 1995) issue of "The
Family Therapy Networker" that I thought I'd share it with this list (or at
least knowledge of it).

The issue is devoted to questions of "Time" and its meaning (and especially
to the meaning of its "absence.")  All of the articles are *so* good and
thoughtful that I don't know how to summarize them except to say that I had
to keep stopping as I read and saying *wow*.

I suggest this for coho folks because the theme of the issue is that there's
something fundamentally wrong with the way we (U.S.) organize our lives--and
I think they've put their finger on quite a lot of what that is. --- and
coho is pretty clearly a good attempt to solve some of the problems our
weird conception of time creates.

Family Therapy Networker is an amazingly good magazine, regardless of
whether you do therapy, and is frequently nominated for UTNE reader awards
(which I think it won once).  It should be available through your better
bookstands or a college library.

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