Neighborhood objections & concerns
From: Denise Meier Dmmj Michael Jacob (
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 14:23 CST
Veteran cohousers, we need your help!

We are a group in Sebastopol, California. We are simultaneously
negotiating to buy a piece of land and trying to get it zoned, in
the face of considerable neighborhood opposition. We have 23
households, and want to put 24-26 units on five acres. Our units
will be priced pretty much in the same range as the neighborhood
houses, with perhaps even a slightly higher price/sq foot. The
biggest concern, after traffic, is property values. We
desperately need information on how property values are affected
by cohousing moving into a neighborhood. Does anyone know what
has happened to resale values in your neighborhood since you
moved in? Or have any leads on realtors we could talk to in your
area about this?  Any help/advice welcome! The zoning meeting
is February 7. 


Denise Meier
Jewell Hill Cohousing
Sebastopol, California
dmmj [at]

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