Internet Cohousing Information (autopost)
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 17:01 CST
This monthly reminder is posted automatically to Cohousing-l.  It's 
intended to ensure that newcomers get this information.  Old timers 
please bear with me.

The Cohousing World Wide Web (WWW) site is at

It contains several megabytes of useful information about 
cohousing, including the current Cohousing Resource Guide and the 
list of cohousing phone contacts for North America.

For those without WWW access (or who don't know what the WWW is), 
the pages in it can be accessed by sending mail to 
coho-request [at] with Subject: help

Gopher access to the Cohousing WWW site is coming soon!  

The low level gopher at      provides 
access to the cohousing-L archives and some other useful information. 
(URL:  gopher://  )

It includes instructions about Cohousing-L listserv email commands.  
(Alternately send command  info cohousing-L   to listserv [at]  )

More info or comments about the mailing list Cohousing-L or archives: 
Fred H. Olson          Cohousing-L sysop      fholson [at] 

More info or comments about the WWW site:
Stuart Staniford-Chen  stanifor [at]

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