A national Cohousing Contact number?
From: Rob Sandelin (robsanmicrosoft.com)
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 18:34 CST
 Bob Morrison  noted about a PBS program:
>  Unfortunately, there was nothing at the end of the program about who to call
>or write for more information, so if anyone hears about cohousing for 
the first
>time from this program and wants to pursue it, they may have a hard time find-
>ing out who to call.

I wonder if the Cohousing Company would be willing to be a National 
Cohousing Contact number?  I know the Puget Sound Cohousing Network  
has had referrals from them.  They sort of are already acting in this 
capacity, maybe if it were official then we could put out the word via 
the journal, core groups etc. that for more information call:

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