From: Graham Meltzer (
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 19:27 CST
I have nothing in particular to contribute right now, but simply wish to say
how much I am enjoying and being inspired by this list. It seems to me that
the essence of cohousing is well expressed by Erich Fromm (see below) ... it
facilitates an openness in our interpersonal relations which fulfills us as
human beings. It's about communication. 

In a way, this list is another manifestation of that aspect of cohousing. We
may well be a virtual community, but the lines of communication are clearly
open and strong.

Wishing everyone a fulfilling 1995

Graham Meltzer 
School of Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design, QUT
Tel:(07)864 2535(w)    (07)870 2090(h)    Fax: (07)864 1528

"The neccessity to unite with other human beings, to be related to them,
is an imperative need on the fulfillment of which, man's sanity depends" 
                 E. Fromm (The Sane Society(1965)) 

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