Re: A national Cohousing Contact number?
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 21:15 CST
On Fri, 20 Jan 95 18:34 CST, 
Rob Sandelin  <robsan [at]> wrote:

> Bob Morrison  noted about a PBS program:
>>  Unfortunately, there was nothing at the end of the program about who to call
>>or write for more information, so if anyone hears about cohousing for 
>the first
>>time from this program and wants to pursue it, they may have a hard time find-
>>ing out who to call.
>I wonder if the Cohousing Company would be willing to be a National 
>Cohousing Contact number?  I know the Puget Sound Cohousing Network  
>has had referrals from them.  They sort of are already acting in this 
>capacity, maybe if it were official then we could put out the word via 
>the journal, core groups etc. that for more information call:

Sounds good to me,  Joani will you ask them when you get back to Calif?

An interesting and related anecdote:

I got a call from a person in here in Minneapolis who watched the Future 
Quest show that included the cohousing segment.  He found me by searching 
the Internet for "co-housing" and "community" and found out www or gopher.

I have since done a little veronica (gopher) searching and found that 
seaching for "co-housing" results in an error because of the way a
dash is used in the search specification syntax; "co" gets treated as a
word.  Searching for "cohousing" (which btw is my prefered spelling)
works great.

The story goes on.  I wrote to the maintainer of the How to use veronica 
FAQ and his sympathetic reply included the statement:

>Keep up the good work .   I hope and expect that cohousing will boom
>in the next few years as more people get serious about need for 
>social alternatives.
>Steve Foster

I had no reason to expect he even knew what cohousing was!
Cohousing is definitely becoming more widely known and appreciated!


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