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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 95 17:14 CST
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Send sub commands to listserv [at] please.
Welsome to the list.



Thank you for your interest in subscribing to the free electronic
discussion about Cohousing. It is called COHOUSING-L and is distributed
as a "mailing list" via the Internet network.

Cohousing is housing designed to foster community and cooperation while
preserving independence.  Private residences are clustered near shared
facilities.  The members design and manage all aspects of their community.

Automated subscription: Send email message to listserv [at]  with the
following one line command in the message body (no subject):

SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>

In place of "<your real name>" put your name, please do not put your
email addresse here. In response an informative introduction will be sent.
For example I would send the following line to subscribe:


An alternate way to read or browse the COHOUSING-L messages -- 
current and archived -- as well as other Cohousing information
is via World Wide Web (WWW) or Gopher .  Our WWW site is at:

One can also access these resources via email if needed.
Send the command "help" in the body of a message to
coho-request [at]

If you have a gopher client try  Gopher
Alternatively from the widely accessible University of Minnesota
"Other Gophers" menu here are the links to get to the
Cohousing-L Archives Gopher:

Other Gophers and Information Servers (U of Minn)
 International Organizations
  Institute for Global Communications
   Progressive Gophers
    Economic Democracy Information Network
     Housing, Hunger & Welfare
      Cohousing Archives

   If you want to access the Cohousing-L Archives Gopher regularly,
you will want to set a "Gopher Bookmark" in your Gopher client which
greatly facilitates later access.  Check your Gopher client's help
for details.

   Note that at this time the Cohousing-L Gopher does not include a 
way to post messages.  To post to the list you will need to 
subscribe as above.  If you prefer to read messages via gopher 
you will probably wish to send the command:
so the messages are not sent by email.  See the welcome 
message that is sent when you subscribe for more information.

The volume of messages distributed over Cohousing-L is a problem for some
people.  "Digest mode" is available to deal with this somewhat but
sending all messages for a day as one big message.  The command
to set this up after you've subscribed is:

COHOUSING-L messages are also available on IGC/Peacenet in
the public conference list.cohousing

Fred H. Olson   fholson [at]   (612)588-9532  Amateur radio: WB0YQM
1221 Russell Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55411 Sysop of COHOUSING-L listserv
& gopherspace: or via EDIN gopher in Calif.  Now avail: 
Cohousing-WWW (see gopher for URL)  || TC Freenet goes public in '95 |51I

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