RE: Density, detached vs attached
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 10:16 CST
Sharingwood is about to jump into this issue this weekend.  We are 
currently 17 detached single family owner designed homes.  We will be 
designing another 12 lots with Chuck Durrets help this weekend.  The 
issue of attached wall has arisen before and although none of the 
current investors (4) in phase II have interest in attached wall, 
others who are peripherial to the group have stated an interest.  It 
may well be that we do a mixture of clusters and attached wall, 
although this remains to be seen.

In a rural environment, attached wall townhouses do not have much 
appeal.  Attached wall townhouses are an urban architecture in our 
area.  Too much like city apartments.  The original concept for 
Sharingwood was attached duplex and tri-plexes and no one, not one 
person in three years had any interest in investing in such a design.  
Later it was set up as single family detached and the core group bought in.

So in our case, attached wall dwellings have not been attractive to 
buyers.  I wonder if their are appraisal issues as well?  Would a bank 
value a home less that is a townhouse rather than a single family dwelling?


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