List of groups on Cohousing -L
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 17:29 CST
Here is latest update of the cohousing groups on Cohousing-l. As usual 
I  probably missed some so send your corrections and additions to:
Rob Sandelin
Robsan [at]
I will update this everytime 5 more groups join which has been about 
every two months or so.

39 groups, 11 groups built and living together.  Quite a resource we have here!
Anderson Lane Cohousing, Minnesota   Fred Olson   fholson [at]

Arcadia Cohousing ,Carrboro NC  Katherine Hamil    khamil [at]

Blue Heron Farm, North Caroline.  Stephen Hawthorne hawthorn [at]

Broward Commons, Florida    Cbwhy [at]

Cantines Island Cohousing, Cantines Island  NY.  Lee Haring  
lehbc [at]

Captial district Cohousing, Albany NY.  Heather Sullivan-Catlin 

Cascade Cohousing  Ian Higginbottom Tasmania, Austrailia   
IAN_HIG [at], John Willson
John.Willson [at]

Chapel Hill Cohousing, North Carolina.  Stephen Hawthorn  
hawthorn [at]

Cohousing Center, Boston MA (consultants) Chris M Williams   

Commons on the Alameda, New Mexico  William Chasko  
74543.744 [at], Ellen Kemper  <ekemper [at]>

Commonweal Cohousing, Boston MA  Christina_Hilliard  LCH005 [at]

Cornerstone Cohousing, Arlington, MA.  David G Adams  
dadams [at], Susan Pintus SPINTUS [at] HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU

Dallas Cohousing, Dallas TX  Roger Harper  rnh [at]

Doyle Street Cohousing,  Emeryville, CA  Joaniblank [at]

Ecovillage at Ithaca, Ithaca NY, RAY GASSER   RAYGASSER [at]

Grell CoHousing Group, San Luis Obispo CA, Rich Lobdill,  
RLob4Grell [at], Dan Ardoin  71045.2023 [at]

Greyrock Commons, Fort Collins CO, Lizette Mill  
lizette [at]  Willie Schreurs  71500.2232 [at]

Kennebec Valley Cohousing, Portland, ME.  Grace K. Von Tobel  
gkvontob [at] COLBY.EDU

Highline Crossing, Littleton, CO.   Deborah Behrens  
debbeh [at] Auto-trol.COM, Rod Champney  RCHAMPNEY @DELPHI.COM

Monteray Cohousing, Minneapolis, MN.  Judy Baxter  baxter [at]

Muir Commons, Davis,CA.  David Hungerford  dghungerford [at], 
Mike Adams  mmadams [at]

N St. Cohousing, Davis, CA.  Stuart Staniford-Chen.  
stuarts [at], Jeffrey O. Hobson 
johobson [at], Kevin Wolf  kjwolf [at],  , 
Donna Spreitzer  dmspreit [at], Gregory Jorgensen  
gmjorgensen [at]

New Cohousing, Seattle,WA.  Eric Rehm   rehm [at]

New View Neighborhood Development, West Acton,MA.  Nancy Wight wight [at]
Pablo Halpern  phalpern [at]

Nyland Cohousing, Lafayette, CO.  Jean Pfleiderer  
pfleiderer_j [at],  Lu Wright  luwright [at] 

Pioneer Valley Cohousing, Amherst, MA   Daniel Nachbar  nachbar [at]

Porchlight Cohousing, Madison,WI.  Stephanie Fassnach  fassnach [at]

Prescott Cohousing, Prescott, AZ  John D. McCutcheon  jdmccadd [at]

Puget Ridge Cohousing, Seattle, WA.     Larry Isreal 
lisrael [at] Marci Malinowycz  marcim [at]

Rosewind Cohousing,Port Townsend, WA.  Michael J. Pruitt  stoitt [at]

Santa Rosa Group, Santa Rosa, CA.   Don Maddox  donm [at]

San Juan Cohousing, Durango CO. mac [at]

Sharingwood Cohousing, Snohomish, WA.  Rob Sandelin  
Robsan [at],  Joe Losi losija [at]

Terra Firma Housing, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   Jake Morrison
   jake.morrison [at]

Tuscon Cohousing, Tuscon, AZ.  Jim Ratcliff  
jratliff [at]  Greg Smith        
smithmcc [at]

Violet-Crown Cohousing, Austin, TX.  Angela Alston  
angela [at]

Wasatch Cohousing, Salt Lake City, UT.  Gary Shea, shea [at]

Westchester Cohousing, Westchester County, N.Y.  Otis Walker  
OtisWalker [at]

Windsong Cohousing, Langley, BC. Canada.  jhaste [at]

Winslow Cohousing, Bainbridge, WA.  Tom Moench  moench [at]

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