RE: using a developer
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 17:47 CST
1-Did you use a developer for your community?  Why or why not?

Nope. Developer for phase I was a lady with her own dreams of 
community. She wanted complete control of development.

3-If you did not use a developer how did you proceed?

One investor bought half interest in property, hired a planning firm, 
drew up plans, got rezoning check list from County, changed plans, 
fullfilled all rezone requirements, talked to all the neighbors, held a 
rezone hearing, got a rezone, made a binding site plan, Organized 
legally as a joint venture,5 other investors bought 2nd half interest 
in property, reformed legally as a cooperative corporation, contracted 
out roads and utilities, hired fancy lawyer, created  condominium for 
legal title to developed 9 acres, members buy lots at cost from first 
owner, owners design and built own houses so each negotiated with bank 
for individual loans.

16-Is there any advice, in general, you have for a group embarking on this area
 of the process?

Share what you learn with the rest of us via the cohousing journal, the 
Cohousing Resource Guide, or this list.

If you want to do it all yourselves you can still get some good advice 
about all manner of issues of land development from your local 
developers, often for the price of a good steak dinner and a couple of 
beers.  Helps to have a member who is  in the construction trades to 
smooze the good old boys for info and advice.  Check your membership, 
you'd be surprised how many people have contractors for relatives.

Rob Sandelin
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