Re: Re: Tom Ponessa's posting on cohousing in Canad
From: Roger Diggle (
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 01:10 CST
On 1/23/95 at 9:43 AM, cohousing-l [at] wrote:

> >  I would like to thank Tom for posting this. It is one of the best
> articles I >have seen on what is IMO one of the main reasons for
> doing cohousing: that it >frees people from the tyranny of designs
> forced on them by developers. The >posting also shows how much we
> (U.S.) have in common with Canada, or at least >with Ontario, re the
> reasons for building cohousing and the problems that >people
> encounter when doing so.
> I missed this, and really want to read it.  Could someone forward to
> me or tell me where it might be archived?
> Thanks,
> Jean Pfleiderer
> Jean Pfleiderer
> Publications Specialist III

I forwarded the desired post...
Roger Diggle 

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