Federation of Intentional Communities (USA)
From: Graham Meltzer (g.meltzerqut.edu.au)
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 19:50 CST
Does anyone know of the Federation of Intentional Communities (USA)? I
beleive they have subgroup interested in cohousing. 

I would appreciate a contact email or snail mail address if someone has it.

Graham Meltzer 

School of Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design, QUT
Tel:(07)864 2535(w)    (07)870 2090(h)    Fax: (07)864 1528

"The neccessity to unite with other human beings, to be related to them,
is an imperative need on the fulfillment of which, man's sanity depends" 
                 E. Fromm (The Sane Society(1965)) 

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