Re: Values again
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 95 10:31 CST
> This whole thing does bring up one large underlying question:
>Should cohousing communities have 'values'?!  The traditional rhetoric
>says that cohousing communities have no political ideology or commonly
>held belief except that they want to share and be in community.  When
>someone asked for value statements I thought to myself, 'I thought
>cohousing groups weren't supposed to have values!'.

Just yesterday I mediated a values based conflict in my community.  
>From my observations of disputes in my own group, the most passionate 
thing people argue from is their values.  Even if a group doesn't 
decide to hold any common values, the minimum you should do is identify 
what values people hold. It will give you enormous insight in resolving 
conflicts.  Since I have previously posted long and laboriously on 
values I will simply restate:  I think any housing group which wants to 
be a "community" has to acknowledge some form of shared group values.

Rob Sandelin

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