Fellowship for Intentional Community
From: Michael Elph Morgan (elphpsc.lsa.umich.edu)
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 95 12:02 CST
On Thu, 26 Jan 1995 robsan [at] microsoft.com wrote:

> ------------------------------
> The FIC contact person is Betty Didcott  615 first ave. Langley, WA  
> 98260  206-221-3064.  They have an MCI mail address but I was never 
> able to access it via email.  Dan Christenberry of Shannon Farm might 
> be able to give you better info, his number is 804-361-1417.   I also 
> know elf was lurking for awhile on this list. You still out there elf?

Um, what, huh? Here! Yes, ok!

I've been busy working on the Communities web page
(http://www.well.com/www/cmty/) but I still scan the daily digest of

A few changes to the otherwise accurate info on FIC...
  Fellowship for Intentional Community
  Betty Didcoct
  PO Box 814
  Langley, WA 98260
  (360) 221-3064
  email: 5012004 [at] mcimail.com

> If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of their board meetings I 
> highly reccomend it.  I attended one and learned an enourmous amount 
> about consensus facilitation by watching some very good facilitators at work.

I agree! That's what roped me in to being on the board of the FIC. Great 
meetings. The one in June will be my eighth.

> I am unaware that they have any specific interest group in cohousing - 
> I have a monthly communities meeting and one member  is on the FIC 
> board so I will ask her about that.

Cohousing comes up a lot in discussion in the FIC. It's such an exciting and
growing type of group living.

So, what was the original question? <grin>

  Michael Elph Morgan   o  Pop Studies Ctr, U of M  o   elph [at] umich.edu 

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