Re: Does Central Oregon ring any bells?!? [FWD]
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Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 20:11 CST
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re:   Does Central Oregon ring any bells?!?

Brian said:

>My wife and I have been trying to learn what we can about
>cohousing since we first heard about it last year. This listing
>has proved invaluable. Many thanks to those who keep it running and 
>those who keep it interesting and timely. 
        >We are presently considering a move to the central Oregon
>area (near Bend, or thereabouts) and would greatly appreciate any
>information about developing or existing cohousing communities
>in that area. Is there any sort of (somewhat) comprehensive directory
>of cohousing communities/groups? Please send any leads my way.

I would like to ditto the kudos for the people behind the cohousing-l.  It is
much appreciated.

The CoHousing Network puts out a bi-annual list in the Spring & Fall.  Get a
copy by calling 510-526-6124.  Or better yet, subscribe to the CoHousing
magazine (also created by the CoHousing Network) and get the list included

Mac Thomson
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