Re: Re: Environmentally disadvantaged sites [FWD]
From: tom ponessa (
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 95 17:09 CST
Eric Fronberg replies:
>These issues are personal and what is exceptable for one is
>intolerable for another
I found living near a concentration of carbon monoxide completely
and my concern is particularly for any children that may live there. You're
I don't know the site but I'm familiar with the risks. Health comes first and
as a
concerned person I felt (and feel) the need to speak out about potential
I appreciate the frustration of a long search but that shouldn't be a reason
compromising too much.  At the least have an air quality check done. 
> These members say that the sound has more of a
>'white noise' quality to it than where they live.
Noise (white or any other flavour) induces stress and if people are
susceptible then they should think twice.
I stand by what I said before. To me, a site so close to noise and pollution
is really questionable.

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