RE: site design
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 10:16 CST
Blake Cullimoren writes
>I am looking for any information or opinions that would make a
>relationship between the site design of a cohousing community and the
>community that surrounds the cohousing site.  What are some of the
>important elements to consider when begining the site planning process.
>How do we relate to the outside community as a part of the design.

One specific example I heard of this weekend from Chuck Durrett was a 
cohousing group which placed a basketball court at the edge of their 
site between the houses of the cohousing development and a low income 
housing project.  The kids and adults who used it were about 50% from 
each and this formed a connection which spread to invites to dinner, 
parties, etc.

Rob Sandelin
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