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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 12:08 CST
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Hello from Good Ideas, a bi-monthly magazine of useful solutions to modern
problems. We are looking for ideas to include in our upcoming issue on
"Building Community" (March/April 1995). Any ideas you have come up with or
come across can be sent to GoodIdeas [at], and we will attribute the 
to their authors. These ideas will supplement the ideas our staff has
researched; the best submitted idea (in the eyes of our staff) receives a
Good Ideas award.

By "community", we mean both the social bonds between neighbors and the
general livability of a place (jobs, vitality, and quality of life). People
have different relationships with their neighborhood, their town, and their
region. A sense of community can be important at all three scales.

Many Americans feel a lack of ties to their communities. They don't know
their neighbors. They don't come together to solve local problems. The
old-fashioned social safety net of people helping people is full of holes in
places as different as small towns, bedroom communities, and the big city.

This upcoming issue, we are searching for ways to strengthen
communities, small and large. Examples of ideas we are writing about are:
increasing common open space, child care by senior volunteers, local barter
systems, and designing for pedestrians.

Any ideas you have are welcome. Any experiences in your community, or
experiences you know about, are also very valuable. Please e-mail your
thoughts to GoodIdeas [at] Thanks!

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