Not an English teacher, but.....
From: Joaniblank (
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 95 01:15 CST
The singular of CRITERIA are (sic:-)) CRITERION. And that's a phenomenON,
ain't it!  Further, I'd sure like to see the word FEWER re-enter the English
language. Fewer, not less, is for "things you can count," like people or
calories. [Gads, I do sound like a teacher, and a picky one at that.]

Then there's the spelling of cohousing; I actually enjoy the various notions
of how to spell it, perhaps because the word and the concept are always

Someone should stop me when I try to write E-mail at 1:40 AM!  

Re: spiritualism--or is it spirituality--in cohousing groups. I am really
attracted by the prinicples (what are those shared value statements actually
called?) of Unitarian/Universalism. I 'm not proselytizing or even suggesting
that any given community would ever necessarily want to take a spiritual or
religious direction or even celebrate any religious or semi religious
occasions, but thouse who do want to do so might check out UU publications
etc, since Unitarian/Univeralism is committed to freedom of religious belief
and action, and has no dogma or credal requirement. Do any other UUs out
there in coho land want to talk about this? 

Joani Blank

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