Re: Not an English teacher, but.....
From: John M. Gear (
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 95 01:52 CST
Do any other UUs out
>there in coho land want to talk about this? 

Mmmmmmm, no, not really, at least I don't.  But there is a UU list for those
interested, if any:


, I think.  I frequent that list quite a bit; right now there's a hot
discussion on polyrelationships (as opposed to monogamous)--for the sake of
keeping coho's image respectable we might want to keep those topics over
there.  I think too many people leap to conclusions with the prefix co- on
anything; I can almost hear them thinking "co-housing, co-mmune, communist"
when I talk to people about it.  I sure as *heck* don't want to bring my
religious principles into it, even if they are UU.

P.S.  There's a great UU joke FAQ somewhere over there I think.

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