RE: Unitarians
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 95 12:02 CST
Joaniblank wrote:

>Re: spiritualism--or is it spirituality--in cohousing groups. I am really
>attracted by the prinicples (what are those shared value statements actually
>called?) of Unitarian/Universalism. I 'm not proselytizing or even suggesting
>that any given community would ever necessarily want to take a spiritual or
>religious direction or even celebrate any religious or semi religious
>occasions, but thouse who do want to do so might check out UU publications
>etc, since Unitarian/Univeralism is committed to freedom of religious belief
>and action, and has no dogma or credal requirement. Do any other UUs out
>there in coho land want to talk about this?

Out of 12 resident households at Sharingwood 4 are or have been 
involved with UU.  That is quite a majority for us.  I have often 
wondered if this was the case in other groups.

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