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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 05:07 CST
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We live five blocks from a four lane freeway. Next to the freeway is
a long storage facility.  Next to that is a park with a couple of
blocks of scrub oak.  Then there are a couple of blocks of homes
before you stumble into our back yard.

I can hear the "white noise" of the freeway at all hours.  Sometimes
it is quite bothersome.  It used to really bother our next door neighbors.
Double paned windows helped to reduce and nearly eliminate the noise within
our home.  I'm sure that the trees and homes have helped to some degree.
I can't imagine how annoying the noise would be if there were no obstructions
between the freeway and our home.

As much as I dislike the traffic noise, higher on my list is to have a
bark-free neighborhood.

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