Re: Not an English teacher (anymore), but.....
From: Mmariner (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 13:53 CST
I usta be one, but now I can't even spell "Inglish!"

But seriously folks, I move we squelch our urges to comment on other folks'
grammar, punctuation & spelling, except where the "error" causes you to
misunderstand what the person meant.

I know spelling and grammar errors are distracting to those of us who got
good grades in English.  But, please, let's remember that written speech is
just a crude simulation of spoken language and that a lot of nit-picking
tends to inhibit communication for those who got good grades in math, science
and PE but were bored by or hated English class.

Intense scrutiny of grammar and spelling can also be a stigma that alienates
some of the diverse people you want to attract who are very eloquent and
intelligent, but who simply don't choose to write/speak by English teacher

=Mike Mariner, Boulder, CO=

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