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From: Blake F. Cullimore (bcullimotrumpet.aix.calpoly.edu)
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 16:17 CST

I am a College student that has been studying the concepts that cohousing 
is based on and have seen two groups in action.  One that is looking for 
a location and one that moved in a year ago.  In our design class we have 
focused on the values that make this system work and how it relates to 
the design of the community.  In the last week we have decided on a site 
and have been given the requirements of developing a community that is a 
170 units on a 25 acres.  The site is a dune scrub community within a 
small town with single family homes around the site.  The site also has a 
major runoff system and perrenial flood zone running through it. I am of 
the opinion that the design of such a community would do injustice to the 
values that create a well founded and functioning community.  

Can a housing development have 170 units even if clustered?  Is this a 
mass subdivision in a politically correct disguise? Can a sense of 
community be developed in such circumstances?

blake cullimore

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