Danish spelling
From: Graham Meltzer (g.meltzerqut.edu.au)
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 17:12 CST
On Mon, 30 Jan 95, Stuart wrote

>Nick Sanders has pointed out to me that my Cohousing Web pages misspell=20
>the Danish word for what is called cohousing in English.  The Web pages=20
>(and other places such as the cohousing-l introductory message) spell it=20
>bofoellesskaber whereas the correct spelling is apparently bofaellesskaber=
>('a' not 'o').
>How could we have made such an embarrassing error?  I checked back, and the=
>1st edition of the Cohousing book spells it, incorrectly it now seems, with=
>an 'o' (p 10).  However, the 2nd edition (p 12) spells it with the 'a'. =20
>So presumably the error was spotted and quietly changed in the intervening=

Well, I don't wish to add further embarresment ... but would like to set the
record straight on this. Neither 'oe' or 'ae' are correct. Instead, a single
character should be used ...I don't know its name ... which is a conjunction
of a and e. It's '=E6'. You can find it in most word processor packages, eg.
in Word for Mac, hold down the option and ' keys. With Windows for PC look
under Accessories in the Program Manager. Danish pronunciation is mostly a
mystery to me but I think '=E6' is pronounced as 'e' in shed.

I'm suprised Joani didn't get in ahead of me on this.

Graham Meltzer

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