Re: Double Standards
From: Dale B. Walker (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 18:00 CST
>Social forces don't stop me from certain practices that cost a certain
>surgeon general her job.  Nor should they stop you from polyrelationships,
>if that's what works in your life and your partners' lives.  But I don't
>talk about masturbation here (oops, I guess I just did), so please explain
>to me why it is appropriate too focus on polyamory here.

Focus on - maybe not.  Be able to talk about, especially as how it effects
co-housing, that's another matter.  When you start talking about how
multiple partner households interact with a community - it does start
effecting co-housing.

Example: what about more than 2 adults sharing a single housing unit - a
triple or quad or for that matter 2 couples who choose to share a large
unit for whatever reason.  How does this affect housing design?

IMHO, many of the same desires that lead one to be interested in co-housing
can also lead to a desire for multi-adult "families" regardless of what
intimate relationships may exist between the adults.  The ability to share
responsibilities and expenses for child rearing and just living between N>2
adults is part of what we talk about both in terms of co-housing and
polyamory.  And there are social forces that say that N=2.

I know that when my partner and I went to one of the local cohousing groups
(currently in organization) and looked at their floor plans and projected
pricing, we determined that the only way that we were likely to be able to
afford to buy in would be to share a 4 bedroom unit with 2 other adults.


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