Re: Sex, Kids, and Religon
From: Barbara Saunders (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 18:12 CST
> However, let's face it, everyone in a close knit community pretty much 
> always knows who's involved with whom.  So right there it becomes a 
> community issue.  It's not the sex, it's the romantic relationship part.
> In an earlier discussion of this very issue, someone mentioned that a 
> theoretical parent trying to raise their offspring in accordance with 
> their own personal values (let's say monogamy, which is a pretty common 
> value) might find having a member of the community involved in a poly 
> relationship undermining their attempts to educate their children.  This 
> parent might want to encourage their offspring not to associate with this 
> person, for instance.

Also, there's the issue of how to deal with "breakups" in a mixed mono/poly
cohousing context.  If a member of a monogamous couple "cheats", how
does this impact the community relationships.  I've seen this issue
divide people in workplaces, where it really has no bearing.  In a co-
housing community, it could be very sticky.  

>                               Catherine

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