Re: Sex, Kids, and Religon
From: Catherine Kehl (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 18:23 CST

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Barbara Saunders wrote:

> Also, there's the issue of how to deal with "breakups" in a mixed mono/poly
> cohousing context.  If a member of a monogamous couple "cheats", how
> does this impact the community relationships.  I've seen this issue
> divide people in workplaces, where it really has no bearing.  In a co-
> housing community, it could be very sticky.  

I don't think this is made much more of an issue in a community where 
there are both mono and poly relationships.  In the ideal case, the poly 
people wouldn't get involved with someone who was lying to their 
partner.  How unpleasant!  When you get used to being honest about who 
your sleeping with, this kind of arrangment just seems weird.  

As for the less than ideal cases (which include any kind of cheating) I 
don't really see that the poly element makes it much more likely.  People 
being weird and psycho about sex, yes, I kind of expect that.  But the 
issue there is "lying".  


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