Re: Sex, Kids, and Religon
From: Loren Davidson (
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 19:03 CST
At 06:28 PM 2/1/95 CST, Barbara Saunders wrote:
>> As for the less than ideal cases (which include any kind of cheating) I 
>> don't really see that the poly element makes it much more likely. 
>Don't think it makes it more "likely", but makes the confusion more
>pronounced for the community members who haven't "decided" what they
>think of poly at all.

I think it comes down to the concept of being informed.  I believe that
issues such as "what does it mean that we have a family of four adults"
should be discusssed amongst potential community members *long* before move-in.

The main themes I see in alt.polyamory regarding how to manage an n>2
relationship are:  Honesty, communication and negotiation.  I believe that
without these, no healthy community can survive.  I believe that these
principles can go a long way toward creating tolerance and understanding
among many differing points of view, and can (dare I say "should"?) be the
foundation of any intentional community.

But then again, maybe I'm an optimist.

Loren Davidson 
lmd [at]
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